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Porkchop Frame Bag Bone-in

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The new Bone-In Pork Chop is available for select sizes of the Ripley, Ripmo, and Ripmo AF

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The Ibis Cycles Cafe is now serving vegan Bone-In Pork Chops. Made from exquisite ballistic nylon, these padded and reinforced cutlets feature a water resistant zipper. They're the perfect size to satiate your appetite for trail side treats, a cold beverage, or spare tools.

The Pork Chop bags are constructed from a padded and reinforced 210 ripstop nylon. They’re sealed by a polyurethane reversible zipper tape that is water resistant. We use a low profile corded zipper pull to eliminate noise common with typical metal zipper heads. The bracket clip is made of glass filled nylon.

Not available for small Ripmo, Ripmo AF or Ripley and Ripmo AF XL

The Bone-In bags utilize a plastic free floating bracket to mount. There are two different bracket sizes. The bracket specific to your frame bag is included. Bracket A fits the majority of frame sizes. You will need Bracket B for the Ripmo V2 Large and XL.

When installing the bracket, please ensure that it is fully inserted into the pocket. If the bracket is not fully seated, you cannot insert the bag fully.