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Swing Arm Protector - Ripley LS & RipMo AF

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For use with Ibis Ripley LS Swing arms


For use with Ripley LS Swing arms

  • This Rubber Swing Arm protector fits the seat and chain stays of the Ripley LS.
  • Remove the old guard, keeping in mind where the new parts will take the place of the old ones. (Take a snap, if you need.)
  • Clean grime and dirt off with a rag and mild soap and water. Wipe dry with non abrasive towel.
  • Use Isopropyl alcohol to prep the surface of your frame before affixing the new guard. 
  • Hold up the sticker to the correlating area to get a feel for how it will fit.
  • Remove backing and slowly adhere to the frame from one edge to the other. Press gently to secure.