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Hanger - 142/148 derailleur hanger

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Hanger - 142/148 derailleur hanger


Replaceable Aluminum Derailleur Hanger for all modern Ibis bikes. It's a good idea to carry a spare.
    Includes 12mm fixing bolt for boost models and Hakka MX. Older 142 models use a 6mm fixing bolt sold separately.
  • All Ripmo models (Carbon and AF)
  • All Ripley Models (Carbon and AF)
  • Mojo HD3, HD4, HD5
  • Mojo 3, Mojo 4
  • Hakka MX
  • DV9
  • Tranny 29
  • HDR and SLR all use the same hanger
  • The hanger designed for the Boost spacing bikes will fit all previous 142 models(Ripley, HDR & SLR). It does not require the backing nut of the two-piece fixing bolt assembly as the new hanger has threads built in for the standard chainring bolt used. Should you need a replacement bolt you can purchase those